Deaf Mag
Concept and Design for a multi-media magazine for and about the culture of the german sign language. Connecting printed and digital information via an augmented reality system. Published by the Morphoria design collective. Winner of the red dot award 2013 and nominated for the german design award 2014.
Concept and Visuals: Morphoria Collective
Mastering & Enhancing: Ignacio Cantisano
Fortuna - Jersey Reveal Trailer
For Fortunas jersey reveal trailer we take a much closer look at how much of our hometown lives inside the fabric.

Client: Fortuna Düsseldorf
Agency: Morphoria
Creative Director: Marco Schmidt
3D Artist: Klaus Alman
2D Artist: Andreas Ruhe
Editor: Alex Michalakopoulos
Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
La Menesunda Según Marta Minujín
Fifty years after the historic ambient installation created in May of 1965 by Marta Minujín and Rubén Santantonín at the Torcuato Di Tella Institute’s Visual Arts Center, the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art becomes the setting and witness to its faithful reconstruction.
Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Hickies Autism Poem
Hickies is proud to announce its partnership with The Autism Society of America and the National Autism Association
Music & Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Wired What's Inside
Sound Design Extracts
Direction: Lukas Vojir
Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Watch full episodes here

HippieHouse Intro Reel 2016
Produced for Hippie House Studio
Concept & Art Director: Ignacio Sandoval
Voices & Foley: Pablo Picyk -  Ignacio Sandoval
Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Ríe Summer 2015
Art Direction: Baauhs
Direction: Segundo Bersache
Music: Ignacio Cantisano
HippieHouse Intro Reel 2015
Produced for Hippie House Studio
Concept & Art Director: Ignacio Sandoval
Music & Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Nickelodeon Lightswitch
Client: MTV Networks Nickelodeon
Art Direction: Hippie House Studio
Sound Design: Ignacio Cantisano
Nmenonic property: Nickelodeon
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